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How do you register for the first time?

You can register through the Get Started link

What is needed first to register for Eversheet?

You need to register your organization's information (if you are going to register as an organization), or register your personal information (if you are going to register as personal). The required form can be seen on the Register page.

How many roles are available on Eversheet?

There are 3 roles available in Eversheet. System Owner, Administrator, and Regular User.

What if I want to know how to use a feature?

You can click the User Guide menu in the application (top right menu bar), or enter the Product Guide menu.

What should I prepare in advance after I have subscribed to the application and want to start using Eversheet?

There are some data that must be prepared first. When a user first enters the Eversheet application, it will appear on his Dashboard what data information should be created, including User Groups, Users, Account Groups, Accounts, and Contract Groups.

I can't upload my contract document file, what should I do?

This is because the Registry on your computer is likely deleted by another application, which causes the content type on the file you want to upload is unreadable by the system. You need to add a file identifier code to your computer in order for you to upload that failed file type. You can access to be able to add file identifier codes on your computer.

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