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Update Eversheet
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Aug 26, 2020

New Features

1. See who can access your contract

Access Role Contract is very important to maintain privacy and ease of access obtained by existing users. Seeing the importance of this, we have added Access Role information or users who can access existing contracts.

With the addition of this information, you will be able to be more confident and feel secure that the existing contract is only accessible to the users you have given access to view it. So, you don't have to worry anymore to look and make sure to go back into the details of the contract.

You can see the information on each existing contract. It's not just users who are featured, based on the existing group will also be displayed.

2. Monitor people who have seen existing contracts

We've also added user information to anyone who has viewed or downloaded the contract file you created.

So you can easily monitor anyone who has done the action.

The addition of this information is contained in the respective parts of the contract and is contained in the details of each contract.

If you click a number detail on the existing View or Download information, it will appear to pop up the detailed information of the user who has performed the action.

This view and download action information will also be found in the Report Contract, which will show a summary of the number of actions in each contract.

3. Report User Activity

Report User Activity is the latest report in Eversheet, one of the reports that will make it easier for you to view and monitor all historical user activity in your organization.

In this report you can sort what actions you want to monitor and in any menu according to what you want to see.

You can also export to the report in the form of excel according to the needs and needs of your Organization.

*This report is accessible to users with role as Administrator only


1. Modify additional information on contract group

Now change and add the additional information you want to display for your contracts to be more flexible. Add or change existing information according to the needs of your Organization.

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