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JULY 2020

Update Eversheet
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Jul 15, 2020

New Features

1. Subscribe with USD is Available Now

Now the subscribe plan process for your organization has become more universal, because we have added USD currency when you subscribe for the first time.

Not only our official currency in Indonesia that we provide, but the addition of this universal USD currency which can facilitate your payment process wherever your organization is located. You don't need to worry anymore about joining Eversheet because we are able to accept subscription payments using USD currency.

In the initial menu when you subscribe to the plan, you can change the currency for the subscribe plan with a choice of IDR or USD. 

Then you will use the currency to make additional deposits to your organization.

2. Upload Your Own Organization Logo

Now you can have the experience of opening an application that feels like it belongs to your own Organization. By changing our Eversheet Logo with your own Organization logo according to your organization's wants and needs. 

Change our Eversheet Logo in the settings section, then select Organization Logo. Then select and upload your organization logo.

*This feature is only valid for subscribing to Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate Plan

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