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Update Eversheet
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Jan 6, 2020


1. Favorite Filters on Report

Favorite Filter is a new feature as a development of the previously existing Report feature. Now, users can filter information or save a job's filter for faster report creation. 

2. Additional Deposit Invoices

Additional Deposit invoices are a tool to download payment invoices on the Eversheet portal. This feature can only be accessed by the system owner through the portal, system owner can download invoices in PDF form directly. This feature is found on portals.

3. Analytics 

Analytics is a feature to know or monitor statistic information from your organization to make easier decision. This Analytics can be accessed or viewed by the Administrator and regular users. 


1. Button save contract 

Allows you to edit a contract.

2. Button shortcut

The action list of each contract can be found at the time of viewing details that appear to the right of the list.

3. Page URL Not Valid

Access supporting files is safer because the user URL must be logged in first to view it.

4. Retry 

If you fail to do a Preview, the user is redirected to try or redo.

5. Workflow information in contract details

You can see the contract details while working on the workflow task.

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